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Noname is now Akamai API Security. Learn about the new capabilities now available, and what it means for your defense.
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API Security for Healthcare

Secure patient data from cyber threats

With APIs, healthcare organizations can seamlessly share data throughout the continuum of care. Though this has revolutionized care, APIs also present unique security challenges. Noname Security delivers the visibility and protection healthcare providers need to keep patient data safe and avoid costly compliance fines.

Cybercriminals are targeting healthcare (Tab to skip section.)

Cybercriminals are targeting healthcare

According to Marsh McLennan Global Cyber Risk Analytics Center, “healthcare API traffic grew by more than 400 percent in 2020, and health monitoring API use increased an additional 941 percent in 2021.” This presents a rich target of sensitive data for cybercriminals to exploit and healthcare organizations cannot afford to sit idly by. Especially when considering the average healthcare breach reached $9.42 million per incident according to IBM Security.

Mobile apps are vulnerable

Though mobile apps create contextual experiences for patients and staff, they are also vulnerable to API attacks.

Lack of in-house expertise

Many institutions lack the internal resources to adequately test and monitor their API estate.

Breaches can be costly

Beyond liability to patients whose data was compromised, breaches can also result in huge regulatory fines.

Noname Security protects
patient data

APIs provide the necessary interoperability to share data across healthcare systems, electronic health records (EHRs), and internal applications. Noname Security helps keep this ecosystem running by blocking API attacks in real-time and stopping vulnerabilities before they reach production.

Find your APIs

Find and catalog all types of APIs in your environment, including HTTP, RESTful, GraphQL, SOAP, XML-RPC, JSON-RPC, and gRPC. Gain complete visibility into every source across on-prem and cloud with Noname Security Posture Management.

Identify suspicious behavior

Leverage our AI and machine learning detection to analyze API traffic in real time. Noname Security Runtime Protection delivers insights into API security attacks, suspicious behavior, data tampering, data leakage, data policy violations and malicious bots.

Fix API design flaws

Run over 100 dynamic tests that simulate malicious traffic, including the OWASP API Top 10. With Noname Active Testing, you can run tests on-demand, or as part of a CI/CD workflow, to ensure code quality. Ensure vulnerabilities are addressed throughout the development lifecycle.

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