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Noname is now Akamai API Security. Learn about the new capabilities now available, and what it means for your defense.
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Discover the breadth and depth of API security use cases our platform can address. Whether you’re looking to stop malicious attacks in real-time, or uncover vulnerabilities before your APIs reach production, Noname Security has got you covered.

Solutions By Need

Discover All APIs

In 2022, 74% of security professionals admitted they didn’t have a complete API inventory. Act now to gain visibility into blindspots and attack paths.

Block API Attacks

As many as 1 in every 13 cyber incidents is the result of insecure APIs. Learn how to detect anomalies and stop attacks in real-time.

Test APIs for Vulnerabilities

Only 55% of security professionals test their APIs for security vulnerabilities. Don’t let design flaws impact your bottom line.

Find Sensitive Data

Only 40% of AppSec professionals have visibility into which APIs return sensitive data. We’re confident that regulators wouldn’t like that.

Simplify Compliance

73% of security personnel say their API security platform helps them maintain compliance with PCI DSS. Noname also helps with GDPR, HIPAA, and more!

Solutions By Industry

Financial Services

80% of Finserv respondents have experienced an API security incident in the last 12 months. Partner with us and avoid becoming a statistic.


Healthcare has had the highest loss of productivity when it comes to API security incidents, with 55% of professionals stating breaches have impacted their work.

Public Sector

89% of public sector agencies report that API security is more of a priority than it was 12 months ago. Find out why.


Only 33% of retailers say they have a full inventory of their APIs and know which APIs return sensitive data. Where does your organization stand?

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Experience the speed, scale, and security that only Noname can provide. You’ll never look at APIs the same way again.