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API Security for Financial Services

Protect your most valuable assets

APIs enable financial institutions to enhance the consumer experience and streamline payments. However, many are left unsecure and are often exploited by cybercriminals. Noname Security helps organizations detect vulnerabilities and misconfigurations, and avoid costly data breaches.

The banking industry is a prime target (Tab to skip section.)

The banking industry is a prime target

The impact of APIs can be seen across all facets of financial services, including brokerages, banks, neobanks, credit unions, credit lenders, and credit bureaus. However, this seamless connection between datasets can come at a high cost if not adequately protected. According to the IBM Security Report, the average cost of a Financial Services security breach reached $4.24M in 2021.

Legacy tools can’t secure APIs

Existing security technology cannot secure APIs. Without automated discovery, you have limited visibility.

Lack of in-house expertise

Many institutions lack the internal resources to adequately test and monitor their API estate.

API security not budgeted for

Unfortunately, despite being a hot topic for CISOs, API security is not prioritized in budgets.

Don’t become the victim of a breach

With the number of applications using APIs growing quickly, banks and brokerages alike are facing increasing challenges when it comes to security. Noname Security keeps financial institutions protected by identifying and remediating vulnerabilities before they’re discovered by malicious actors.

Inventory every API

Find and catalog all types of APIs in your environment, including HTTP, RESTful, GraphQL, SOAP, XML-RPC, JSON-RPC, and gRPC. Gain complete visibility into every source across on-prem and cloud with Noname Security Posture Management.

Detect malicious behavior

Leverage our AI and machine learning detection to analyze API traffic in real time. Noname Security Runtime Protection delivers insights into API security attacks, suspicious behavior, data tampering, data leakage, data policy violations and malicious bots.

Stop API vulnerabilities

Run over 100 dynamic tests that simulate malicious traffic, including the OWASP API Top 10. With Noname Active Testing, you can run tests on-demand, or as part of a CI/CD workflow, to ensure code quality. Ensure vulnerabilities are addressed throughout the development lifecycle.

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Experience the speed, scale, and security that only Noname can provide. You’ll never look at APIs the same way again.