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API Security for Intel

Noname uses automated AI and machine learning detection accelerated by Intel to identify API vulnerabilities, including data leakage, data tampering, data policy violations, suspicious behavior, and API security attacks.

API Security powered by machine learning (Tab to skip section.)

API Security powered by machine learning

The robust performance of Intel’s latest CPU architecture means we can provide API security at scale, process more API transactions, at lower latency, using a smaller power envelope, all whilst simultaneously lowering the total cost of ownership for our joint customers.

Up to 66% lower TCO

Customers enjoy up to 70-watt power savings per CPU in optimized power mode.

3x performance boost

Built-in accelerators provide an average 3x per watt efficiency boost for targeted workloads.

Up 10x faster machine learning

Achieve up to 10x higher real-time performance with the Noname Security ML engine.

Global Ecosystem of Industry Leaders

Our rich solution ecosystem reassures customers that the Noname API Security Platform accelerated by Intel is flexible enough to coexist with their current technology stack. Whether it’s existing infrastructure, development platforms, or ITSM tools, the Noname platform seamlessly integrates with them all, dramatically simplifying deployments.

Intel and Noname Security have a purpose-built solution that satisfies the unique nuances we find across the Fed, Fintech, Healthcare, Retail and Telco verticals.

How Intel Accelerates the Noname API Security Platform

Accelerated machine learning

By leveraging the 4th Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors, the Noname Security Machine Learning (ML) engine achieves up to 10x higher real-time inference performance by optimizing for AMX, compared to cloud virtual machines running 3rd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors.

Flexible deployment options

With the capability to run the Noname remote machine learning engine and Noname eBPF based agent on the accelerator card we enable new use cases for performance hungry, edge locations, and extreme low latency environments, including 5G, satellite communications, military, and intelligence community applications.

Upgraded processing performance

Processing is now up to 3x faster than previous generations of CPUs with response times in the sub 0.5ms range for the Noname Security Platform. This was validated using a variety of different use case benchmarks across Financial Services APIs that comply with PCI regulatory requirements and open banking standards such as BIAN, Healthcare (FHIR HL7 JSON data), and binary (image JPEG data) API processing.

Validate confidential computing environments

Intel Trust Authority attestation of the cloud computing infrastructure. Attestation provides assurance that the environment is genuine, up-to-date, and launched as expected.

Accelerating API Security with Intel & Noname Security

Rick Echevarria, General Manager for Intel Security Center of Excellence and David Thomason, Worldwide Director of Alliances at Noname Security, sit down to discuss the expanding API attack surface, how the two companies are working together to provide next-generation API Security, as well as share their thoughts about the joint roadmap going forward.

Get Started With Noname and Intel (Tab to skip section.)

Get Started With Noname and Intel

Talk to one of our API security experts to learn more about advanced API security and the value it could provide to your business.