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Detect & Block API Attacks

Enterprises need to understand API access, usage, and behavior. However, APIs are complex to analyze. Without the proper tools, remediation can be complex, either because it is technically challenging or because it requires considerable time and effort.

Why API threat monitoring is important

Major API security risks exist in production

API security risks and issues are not all discovered in source code alone. Organizations need to observe traffic behavior within the context of the network to understand the full context and uncover risks.

You need to be able to detect anomalies

Runtime protection requires going beyond an inventory to a real-time study of API behavior. Organizations need to continually monitor traffic and API consumption for vulnerabilities and misconfigurations. The goal is to develop a baseline understanding of typical behavior in order to identify anything out of the ordinary. Anomalies should then be examined in the context of other actions taking place within the application or network.

Remediation requires integrations

Organizations need to ensure issues are assigned to appropriate teams as they are identified. Integrations should trigger automation workflows for addressing issues with APIs. If misconfigurations, data policy violations, or suspicious behaviors are detected, they should be reported to the API gateway, SIEM system, and other information security engines to inform the entire security team.

Introducing Runtime Protection (Tab to skip section.)

Introducing Runtime Protection

Noname Security Runtime Protection monitors API traffic in real-time and intelligently identifies and prioritizes potential threats. Threats are then remediated manually, semi-automatically, or fully automatically through integrations into WAFs, API gateways, SIEMs, ITSMs, workflow tools, or other services.

Traffic Analysis

Real-time API threat protection with AI and ML-based monitoring.

Anomaly Detection

Establish baseline behavior to determine anomalous activity.

Tool Integration

Integrate into workflows like JIRA and Slack for alerting and ticketing.

API Attack Protection FAQs

How does Noname Security help block API attacks?

Blocking runtime API threats requires an understanding of the context of operations for each individual API, including API access, usage, and behavior. Automated AI and ML-based monitoring are used to conduct real-time traffic analysis and provide contextual insights into data leakage, data tampering, data policy violations, suspicious behavior, malicious bots and API security attacks.

Will Noname monitor for threats?

Yes, Noname monitors for unusual patterns and anomalies in API use and data access so ongoing attacks that might otherwise slip under the radar can be identified and remediated before thousands or millions of data records have been compromised.

What happens when a threat is detected?

Noname Runtime Protection detects anomalies and potential threats in your API traffic, and facilitates remediation based on preselected incident response policies.

What solutions does Noname offer for blocking API attacks?

Noname Runtime Protection secures your API estate during production, helping you identify and block malicious API requests. Runtime security guards APIs against a range of threats that can emerge after deployment, such as privilege escalation attacks and data exfiltration.

Can I integrate Noname with my existing tools?

The Noname API security Platform integrates with your existing ITSM, SIEM, and SOAR workflows. Noname reports any suspicious behavior, misconfigurations and data policy violations to the API gateway, SIEM system, and other application security engines in order to inform the larger security team. Your organization can then choose to remediate any issues manually or automatically depending on the severity of the threat.

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