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Noname Security enters into agreement to be acquired by Akamai
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API Security for Microsoft

Comprehensive, out-of-band API security for server-based and serverless APIs hosted on Azure Cloud. Proactively detect and remediate API-related issues and misconfigurations.

Comprehensive API Protection for Azure (Tab to skip section.)

Comprehensive API Protection for Azure

Manage your API security posture with native, automated log collection powered by Azure Diagnostic Logging and Noname Security machine learning algorithms. Leverage API security policies to enhance runtime protection and prevent data leakage.

Effortless Integrations

Quickly connect Noname to your Azure cloud platform. Deployment is agentless and takes 25-30 minutes.

Automated API Security Testing

Integrate with Azure DevOps Pipelines for continuous automated red team style API security test cases.

Cloud-native Protection

Leverage cloud-native capabilities to identify API vulnerabilities and improve runtime security configurations.

Test APIs for Vulnerabilities

Test cases directly into the Azure DevOps build pipeline. Empower your DevSecOps teams to improve their API server code and the Azure Infrastructure configurations with best practices to avoid common mistakes and vulnerabilities.

Identify and Remediate API Misconfigurations

Integrate with Azure-provided services to analyze API infrastructure configurations. Identify and eliminate misconfigurations that unnecessarily expose sensitive information to potential attackers.

Deploy in Isolated Networks

Whether in a SaaS or self-hosted deployment, sensitive information remains private to your organization. The Noname AI/ML engine can be deployed in 100% isolation from other connected networks with only metadata going to the SaaS for visibility and management.

Available on Azure Marketplace (Tab to skip section.)

Available on Azure Marketplace

Consume the most powerful, complete, and easy-to-use API security platform right from the Azure marketplace.