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Noname is now Akamai API Security. Learn about the new capabilities now available, and what it means for your defense.
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Posture Management

Strengthen your security posture

Assess your APIs and broader infrastructure for misconfigurations and vulnerabilities to identify potential risks and understand your true attack surface.

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Uncover API Vulnerabilities

Noname Security Posture Management analyzes your APIs and broader infrastructure for misconfigurations and vulnerabilities to identify potential risks and understand their true attack surface.

Uncover Vulnerabilities

Intelligently identify and prioritize potential vulnerabilities. Remediate manually, semi-automatically, or fully automatically.

Reduce Remediation Costs

Catch vulnerabilities and issues earlier, prioritize based on impact, and fix issues faster to reduce remediation costs by 10-100x.

Ensure Compliance

Continuously monitor for compliance with regulatory requirements, industry standards, and internal policies.

Detect Vulnerabilities

Noname looks at the widest possible set of sources to detect vulnerabilities, including log files, replays of historical traffic, configuration files, and much more. The platform detects all vulnerabilities in the OWASP API Security Top 10. Rapidly find critical issues like API key and credential leakages, code exposure, misconfigurations, public repo vulnerabilities, and more.

Fix Issues Faster

Prioritize findings based on impact and fix issues faster. With the full view of how many APIs you have, what they’re capable of, the environment they operate in, and contextual remediation guidance from the world’s leading API security research team, you’ll be able to quickly resolve issues and reduce remediation costs by 10-100x.

Protect Sensitive Data

Noname data classification capabilities provide visibility into the types of data that traverse your APIs. Quickly identify how many APIs can access credit card data, phone numbers, SSNs, and other sensitive data.

Proactively De-Risk Your Environment

Research from IBM X-Force indicates that two-thirds of API security incidents are due to misconfigured APIs. By gaining a complete view of your APIs, infrastructure, and vulnerabilities, you can act first and stay ahead of attackers.

API Monitoring

API inventory is more than just the number. Gain visibility into which gateway the API passes through, when the API was last updated, the data type being accessed, and the number of users accessing the API.

API Posture Management FAQs

What is API posture management?

API posture management ensures that you put your best foot forward when it comes to API security. It combines API discovery with sensitive data identification and vulnerability detection, so your remediation efforts focus on the most critical APIs first. The ability to identify API vulnerabilities and remediate them quickly allows you to take corrective action before an attack occurs.

What are some of the benefits of API posture management?

Benefits of an API posture management solution include: API discovery, sensitive data classification, vulnerability detection, configuration assessment, and API monitoring.

How does posture management protect my API?

API posture management helps organizations identify, monitor, and mitigate any potential security threats that may arise from their APIs. By leveraging a posture management tool, organizations can protect their data from unauthorized access, as well as detect potential threats before they become a problem.

Does posture management proactively protect me?

By finding and remediating vulnerabilities before they’re exploited, you are proactively protecting your sensitive data from malicious attacks and data breaches.

CSPM vs API Posture Management

Cloud security posture management (CSPM) is an approach to ensure that cloud-based applications and services are secure. It helps organizations to identify, monitor and manage the security of their cloud environment by providing visibility into the configuration of their cloud resources. CSPM helps organizations to detect any misconfigurations or vulnerabilities in their cloud environment, enabling them to take corrective action quickly. API posture management provides some of these very same capabilities at a more granular level. CSPM involves protecting your cloud environment, whereas API posture management involves protecting the APIs that communicate with applications in the cloud.

Why is Noname Security the premier company for API posture management?

Noname Security offers a complete API Security Platform. Our Posture Management module provides a comprehensive view of traffic, code, and configurations to assess your organization’s API security posture. Noname determines what your true attack surface looks like across APIs and web applications and uncovers all forms of sensitive data moving through your APIs, helping you ensure sensitive data is secure.

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