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The Complete, Proactive API Security Platform

The Noname API Security Platform is the only solution to proactively secure your environment from API security vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, design flaws, and provides API attack protection with automated detection and response.

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Industry-Leading Impact of the Noname API Security Platform


of Fortune 500 work with Noname


Exposed records protected


Attacks prevented per day

API Security -
Existing Controls Are Not Enough

Traditional Controls Leave APIs Vulnerable

API Gateways and WAFs can’t protect against targeted API attacks or abuse.

APIs are the Top Attack Vector

APIs are the number one attack vector for web applications, according to Gartner.

Misconfigured APIs Leading Cause of Cloud Breaches

Two-thirds of all cloud breaches are tied to misconfigured APIs, according to IBM Security.

OWASP API Top 10 is Just the Start

Automatically secure your environment and APIs from hundreds of threats beyond the OWASP API Security
Top 10.

Comprehensive API Security Scope


API Security Posture Management

Inventory every API, including legacy and shadow APIs, with automated data classification security posture details.

Identify API misconfigurations and API security vulnerabilities in policy and specs.




API Runtime Security

AI and ML-based models for runtime API threat detection.

Automated and semi-automated blocking and threat remediation.


Continuously test APIs to identify API security risks before they emerge.

Automated and dynamic test development and incorporation into CI/CD pipelines.



Top API Security Use Cases

Complete, Real-Time Inventory of APIs

More than a number, discover API with full context including applied API security controls, data classification, internet connectivity, and more.

Proactive Remediation of API Misconfigurations

The Noname API Security Platform detects and remediates management and configuration issues before they become a problem.

Block API Attacks

AI-based engine detects and automatically blocks runtime API attacks keeping your business safe from data theft, fraud, and business logic abuse.


API-specific security testing for DevOps that integrates into the tools your team is already using.

Faster Incident MTTR

Detect and remediate API security incidents faster to shorten exposure windows and improve operational efficiencies.

Single Source of Truth

No more siloed views of APIs. Aggregated API details provide dynamic visibility with context for IT, security, compliance, and business teams.

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"Noname's proactive approach to API security is spot on. Most solutions on the market today only focus on run-time attacks; however, Noname can identify and eliminate attack surfaces before an attack, and actively test APIs for vulnerabilities throughout the lifecycle, in addition to preventing real-time attacks. Their holistic view of API Security is refreshing and what CISOs and their teams have been looking for to protect the ever-expanding API attack surface.”

Heather Gantt-Evans

Heather Gantt-Evans

CISO, Sailpoint