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Noname is now Akamai API Security. Learn about the new capabilities now available, and what it means for your defense.
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Why Noname?

APIs are a leading attack vector according to Gartner, which means protecting the sensitive data that traverse your APIs is mission critical.

API breaches are on the rise.

Some of the world’s most iconic brands have been the victim of an API-related security incident in the last few years.

“Traditional network and web protection tools do not protect against all the security threats facing APIs, including many of those described in the OWASP API Security Top 10.”

Without adequate detection and response, security teams are going
to be hard pressed to identify and remediate API attacks.

The reality is, there’s no sign that this is going to stop or slow down anytime soon. Why?

The Complete API Security Platform

We locate and inventory all of your dormant, legacy, and zombie APIs regardless of configuration or type.

On average, our customers discover 40% more APIs in their environment than originally anticipated.

And gain 100% visibility from all data sources across on-prem and cloud.

We have also been recognized by Gartner as
“API threat protection specialists”