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Public Sector

Protect the data. Enable the mission.

Despite the myriad of benefits APIs provide across the public sector, APIs also present new security risks that agencies need to proactively guard against. Noname Security can help you protect APIs in real-time, and detects vulnerabilities and misconfigurations before they’re exploited.


API security is challenging for agencies

The impact of APIs can be seen across all areas of the public sector, including education, transportation, healthcare, social services, and law enforcement. However, with the number of APIs quickly surpassing the manual span of control, public agencies are facing increasing challenges when it comes to security. To put things into perspective, the average cost of a data breach in the public sector surged  78.7% year over year to $1.93 million per incident according to IBM Security.

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Lack of effective tools

Government agencies struggle with access to robust tools for testing, securing, and monitoring APIs.

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Emerging mandates

Agencies must invest in both technology and personnel to match government modernization goals.


Lack of API security program

Agencies are looking for assistance with building a complete governance and security program.

Shift Left API Security Testing for Agencies

As documented by the OWASP API Security Top 10, many of the most prevalent misconfigurations and design flaws can be addressed with API security testing. Learn how shift left API security testing can help your government agency to stop vulnerabilities before production.

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Get help defending against API attacks

Noname Security helps identify and remediate vulnerabilities before they’re discovered by malicious actors. 

Inventory every API

Find and catalog all types of APIs in your environment, including HTTP, RESTful, GraphQL, SOAP, XML-RPC, JSON-RPC, and gRPC. Gain complete visibility into every source across on-prem and cloud with Noname Security Posture Management.

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Detect malicious behavior

Leverage our AI and machine learning detection to analyze API traffic in real time. Noname Security Runtime Protection delivers insights into API security attacks, suspicious behavior, data tampering, data leakage, and data policy violations.

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Stop API vulnerabilities

Run over 100 dynamic tests that simulate malicious traffic, including the OWASP API Top 10. With Noname Active Testing, you can run tests on-demand, or as part of a CI/CD workflow, to ensure code quality. Ensure vulnerabilities are addressed throughout the development lifecycle.

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API Security Trends 2022: Public Sector

Government agencies are under attack, as 75% of public sector respondents experienced an API security incident in the last 12 months. Discover the top API security challenges facing agencies and where they are the most vulnerable in this latest study.

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