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Noname Security Presents Cyber-Thriller Scorched Earth Episode 1

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Co-Produced with Knight Studios, Scorched Earth Explores API Security Risk Told Through the True Life Story of Alissa Knight

San Jose, CA – Dec. 6, 2022Noname Security, the leading provider of complete and proactive API security, today announced the premiere of episode 1 of Scorched Earth; a new TV series from Knight Studios. The new TV series explores the security threats of APIs as the adoption, amount and complexity of APIs continues to grow, creating cascading security issues among enterprises.

Made in partnership with Executive Producer Melissa Knight and Executive Producer, Writer, and Director Alissa Knight at Knight Studios, Scorched Earth is based on her true life story that follows her journey in working with the F.B.I. after her arrest to track down an Advanced Persistent Threat group targeting the U.S. financial system through its APIs. Scorched Earth exposes the challenges of securing APIs, highlighting how cyber threat actors exploit API vulnerabilities and misconfigurations to access valuable business assets. Thus far, Scorched Earth has won three major awards at film festivals for Best New TV Series at the RED Movie Awards in Reims, France; Seattle Movie Festival; and San Francisco Arthouse Short Festival.

“For most organizations, the last few years have been a period of dramatic change as the pandemic forced them to evolve their operations to maintain relevance,” said Oz Golan, CEO and co-founder of Noname Security. “In doing so, many organizations quickly built out their distributed infrastructure and complicated web of APIs to accommodate shifting business needs and use cases. Now more than ever, APIs present a rapidly expanding attack surface that requires increased security protections.”

Modern organizations rely on APIs for inter-application communication and to enable access to third-party verification and data sources; therefore, securing them is critical to avoiding data breaches. As the number of APIs grows, it will become increasingly difficult and time-consuming for AppSec personnel to catalog and secure them.

Alissa is a business magnate, American author, screenwriter, film director, producer, and a reformed Black Hat computer hacker who was arrested at 17 years old and later went on to work for the U.S. Intelligence Community in cyber warfare. In 2020, Melissa and Alissa Knight formed Knight Group, which controls five companies in coffee, TV broadcasting, publishing, marketing, events, and film production.

“Adversaries have been targeting APIs for years because they introduce a single point of entry into an organization’s network, infrastructure, and applications, allowing access to its resources,” said Alissa Knight, Director and Executive Producer at Knight Studios. “This new franchise accurately chronicles the risks if APIs aren’t monitored or secured in real-time.”

To watch Episode 1 of Scorched Earth, please visit: or

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About Noname Security

Noname Security is the only company taking a complete, proactive approach to API Security. Noname works with 20% of the Fortune 500 and covers the entire API security scope  — Discovery, Posture Management, Runtime Security, and API Security Testing. Noname Security is privately held, remote-first with headquarters in Silicon Valley, California, and an office in London.

About Knight Studios

Knight Studios is bringing industrial light and magic to challenger brands and market leaders in cybersecurity. Through episodic and serialized TV series and feature films, Knight Studios designs and crafts stories through discovery to post-production to ensure every creative element is purposeful, meaningful, and powerful, capturing the imagination of the cybersecurity market and bringing their attention and engagement to our global client base.

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