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Noname Security Joins Intel Network Builders to Enhance Cybersecurity for Enterprise Customers

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Collaboration Delivers API Security Innovation to Public, Private, and Hybrid-Cloud Architectures

SAN JOSE, Calif. – April 24, 2023Noname Security, a leading provider of API security solutions, today announced that it had been accepted by Accelerated by Intel.

Our Accelerated by Intel solutions give you great experiences with Intel® technologies. The Noname Security software takes advantage of 4th Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors and Intel’s NetSec Accelerator Reference Design, incorporating Intel Ethernet E810 network interface with an embedded system on a chip (SoC) to accelerate API response times for low latency use cases and the performance of near-real-time machine learning for runtime API Security at the edge of the network.

Noname Security’s platform was optimized using 4th Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors and Intel Advanced Matrix Extensions (AMX), a new built-in accelerator that improves deep-learning training and inference performance on the central processing unit (CPU).

Noname Security’s Sensor with Intel NetSec Accelerator Reference Design will allow customers to offload network and security tasks processing to the accelerator, preserving server resources for more generic operations. This integration opens up a broad spectrum of new industry vertical solutions utilizing edge processing, including addressing extremely low latency requirements.

“Noname Security is committed to helping organizations secure all their APIs, and partnering with Intel is a significant step in achieving that goal,” said Oz Golan, CEO of Noname Security. “Intel’s technology expertise will enable us to provide the best-of-breed API security solution for more customers and help them secure their critical assets against advanced cyber threats.”

Key new benefits for Noname Security and Intel customers include:

  • Improved performance using the same or lower power, up to 3x for specific scenarios
  • Up to 10x faster machine learning (ML) inferencing, benefiting runtime API security capabilities
  • Deployment options for hybrid, private, and public cloud architectures as well as on- and off-premises
  • API Security for extremely low latency use cases, including telecommunications and edge computing
  • Seamless offloading of API processing, and adjacent networking and security functions, on the accelerator card
  • Increased performance and response times, leading to better utilization of resources and decreased total cost of ownership for customers
  • New use cases, including 5G, satellite communications, military, and intelligence community applications

For more information, see the solution brief here.

About Noname Security

Noname Security is the only company taking a complete, proactive approach to API Security. Noname works with 20% of the Fortune 500 and covers the entire API security scope — Discovery, Posture Management, Runtime Protection, and API Security Testing. Noname Security is privately held, remote-first with headquarters in Silicon Valley, California, and an office in London.

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