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Noname Security enters into agreement to be acquired by Akamai
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From sales engagement to API security: 3 Israeli startups score funding for the holiday season

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Originally published on Geektime.

These 3 Israeli startups expert in different fields, and show innovation prowess that leads top VCs to provide cash influx just before the holidays… seals $3M funding round

Israeli startup, which develops an AI-powered sales engagement platform, emerges from stealth with $3 million in funding. Among the startup’s investors are Mario Nissan, co-founder of Moonbow Ventures, and other prominent Angel investors from Israel’s advertising sector.

Upgrading sales calls while complying with regulations’s platform leverages AI technologies to upgrade financial companies’ sales call processes with their customers, pulling data from companies’ CRMs to create comprehensive data-backed profiles. Sales calls are recorded, transcribed, and saved in real-time. Then, the system utilizes language analytics algorithms to leverage the accumulated data into new sales channels. All the generated data is saved onto a customer’s preferred data management system such as Salesforce, Hubspot, Amazon Connect, and more.

The company reports that it also analyzes calls for regulatory compliance, making sure that it meets the highest standards. The startup provides detailed analytics for executive teams, alerting them in real-time to any compliance-related issues.’s platform works in 60 different languages, and is based on 3 different U.S. approved patents, with two more approvals waiting in the wings. was founded in 2017 by Amit Bohensky, who led Zoomd to an IPO on the Canadian stock exchange, and CEO Udi Nessimyan, who previously was the Head of Israel Public Sector for AWS.

Noname Security emerges from stealth

Another Israeli startup emerging from stealth mode is the security company with no name, and by that I mean company is called Noname Security. Noname develops enterprise API security solutions. The Israeli startup launched from stealth with $25 million in funding from LightspeedInsight Partners and Cyberstarts.

Not dependent on integration with Gateway

Noname’s holistic approach provides an agentless security platform that gives enterprises a complete view into the activity and threats in their environment. Frictionless to deploy, Noname integrates with existing IT infrastructure and gives businesses visibility, security, and control over any API, whether on or off the corporate API gateways. According to Noname, enterprises are able to gain the productivity benefits of using APIs without sacrificing security.

“Application security has a huge blind spot,” said Oz Golan, CEO and co-founder of Noname. “A leaky API on T-Mobile’s website exposed customer data. The US Postal Service API vulnerability exposed personal information of 60 million users of its online service. The fact you cannot place agents on every application server, and you cannot trust network architecture to funnel all APIs through a single gateway, means we need a new approach. We built Noname to give enterprises complete visibility into all APIs in their environment without requiring an agent or relying on API gateways. We can stop APIs from compromising corporate assets, regardless of whether those APIs are managed by IT or not.”

So what’s the difference between Noname and other Israeli API security companies?

CEO and co-founder Oz Golan explains to Geektime that “first-generation solutions built their architecture based on a partial view of software interface, through integration with an organization’s ‘main’ API Gateway. Since then, all API Gateway companies have provided the same first-generation security solutions but with higher quality – but the truth is that there isn’t one organization that is familiar with all of their APIs, surely those that aren’t routed through the main Gateway. And this is all under the assumption that an enterprise even has a Gateway like that.

He added that Noname’s technological advantage over competitors is that the platform is not dependent on integration with the Gateway at all. “Despite the significant technological challenge, the agentless platform doesn’t require any network change on the customer’s end – but still provides a true security solution for all of an enterprises’ APIs,” said Golan.

Noname Security was founded this year by CEO Oz Golan and CTO Shay Levy. The dynamic duo met during their military service in Israel’s elite intelligence unit – 8200.

Zoomin Software scores $21M in holiday cheer

If you’ve ever experienced product malfunction, which leads down an endless rabbit hole of frustration trying to find a solution. Then you’ll be happy to hear that Israeli startup Zoomin Software claims that it can help both users and technical support representatives find an optimal solution for their problem, without flipping through dozens of pages of technical jargon in search for answers.

Bessemer Venture Partners continues providing Israeli startups with holiday funding, now leading a $21 million Series B in Zoomin Software. The investment also saw other leading VCs Salesforce Ventures and Viola Growth get in on the action.

“Seeking business efficiency in a risk-averse environment”

Zoomin has developed technology that transforms technical product content into a light, intuitive and personalized self-service experience. Zoomin’s platform automatically orchestrates content from any source to deliver personalized product answers at every key stakeholder channel, spanning documentation sites, customer service portals, support communities, product applications and more. With advanced analytics covering every content interaction, data-driven insights shed light on user behavior, strategic gaps and opportunities, enabling companies to make educated data-backed decisions moving forward.

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