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Noname is now Akamai API Security. Learn about the new capabilities now available, and what it means for your defense.
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AWS API Security

Discover, analyze, remediate, and test all legacy and modern APIs hosted on AWS. Proactively detect attacks and resolve vulnerabilities before they’re exploited by cybercriminals.

Real-time API Security for AWS (Tab to skip section.)

Real-time API Security for AWS

Confidently secure your applications and data in your AWS cloud environment with API discovery, analysis and remediation recommendations from Noname Security. Monitor intra and inter-cloud API communication to ensure your critical data is always safe.

Out-of-Band Monitoring

Noname is an out-of-band solution that doesn’t require agents or network modifications.

Unified Visibility

Within minutes, you can have complete visibility into all internal, external, and 3rd party APIs.

Cloud-native Protection

Utilize cloud-native capabilities to uncover API vulnerabilities and block threats in real-time.

Discover All of Your APIs

Noname Security provides full visibility and contextual insights into all APIs operating across your AWS cloud environments. Automatically discover your complete API footprint regardless of type – including legacy and shadow APIs.

Find Threats in Real-Time

Utilize AWS VPC Traffic Mirroring to send traffic to Noname’s out-of-band API security platform so we can monitor API traffic. Our AI/ML detection capabilities identify anomalous behavior and threats in real-time so you can take immediate action.

Deliver Secure Code

Our Active Testing module enables you to catch vulnerabilities before production. Reduce the risk of data leaks, manipulations, or misconfigurations without any modifications to your AWS production infrastructure.

Available on AWS Marketplace (Tab to skip section.)

Available on AWS Marketplace

Consume the most powerful, complete, and easy-to-use API security platform right from the AWS marketplace.