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Noname is now Akamai API Security. Learn about the new capabilities now available, and what it means for your defense.
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Announcing Release 3.5

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We’re excited to announce the release of 3.5, the latest set of additions and enhancements to the Noname API Security Platform.

Noname’s research & development team – the largest of its kind dedicated to API security – is constantly improving the Noname Platform with new releases made available to customers every few weeks.

Protecting APIs and critical assets with Noname

Noname customers enjoy complete, proactive API security across the entire lifecycle of their APIs. These latest advancements deliver:

  • Cost savings through faster remediation, especially by finding public issues faster.
  • Reduced risk of compromised credentials or non-compliance with internal policies or regulatory requirements.
  • Faster, cheaper development with better inventories, reducing redundant development and rework.
  • Increased revenue from consistently delivering secure products at the speed customers demand.

Highlights from Release 3.5

Noname Security Recon monitors your environment for changes in APIs, domains, and developer activity to build a complete and current inventory of publicly accessible assets.

Release 3.5 brings numerous improvements (and a new product!), including:

1. Noname Recon:

  • With this latest release, Noname is proud to launch Recon: the easiest way to secure your APIs. Recon helps you stay ahead of attackers by simulating attacker reconnaissance, enabling you to rapidly find and fix issues without any integrations, installations, or implementations.
  • Check out our announcement, read more about why we built Recon, and learn more here.

2. Enhancements to key integrations, including IBM DataPower and Kong.

3. Usability enhancements, such as:

  • Simplified main menu to group common screens and information, providing quicker access to information in context.
  • A collapsible navigation bar, making more room to manage your API inventory and investigate issues.
  • Updated guidance on Issue Details to place issues in context and make remediation steps clearer.
  • Updated headers in the Issue Details window for quicker analysis and remediation.
  • Streamlined SSO to technical documentation and help articles.

4. Easier, more powerful remote engine management at scale

  • The Engines page adds helpful information on each engine and lets you deploy new engines directly from the page, complete with links to the deployment package and commands.
  • Updating engines to the latest version is easier too, and can now be managed centrally from the Engines page.
  • Refresher: Remote Engines allow you to distribute and federate your API security by deploying Noname in multiple environments so that traffic and data analysis happens locally. This allows you to remain compliant with data residency laws, privacy regulations, and other policies that restrict data movement, while still gaining a global picture of your API security posture.

Customers can access the full release notes here in the Documentation Center.

In Case You Missed It

Did you miss some of our recent updates? Here’s recap of some of the exciting features we shipped in V3.4:

Even deeper analysis of APIs and traffic, including:

  • More detail on F5 APIs displayed in the Network Graph
  • Deeper spec analysis to detect specs in traffic

Expanding the industry’s biggest integration catalog with updates and enhancements to :

  • Akamai EdgeWorker
  • Avi Networks AnalyticsProfile
  • AWS Lamda
  • IBM DataPower
  • Jira self-hosted instances
  •  Kong
  • Oracle VTAP

UI enhancements to make Noname even easier to use, including:

  • Comment counts on issues in tabular views
  • An expanded “Inventory” section on the Reports page

Security enhancements, including:

  • More password expiration options for non-SAML users
  • Simplified user management for administrators

And that’s just the start. Check out our previous post to learn more about all of the amazing capabilities we’ve delivered to customers this year, including dozens of integrations, traffic and network analysis tools, deployment automation, and more.

Continuous Innovation

With every release, we ensure that you have the best tools in the world to protect your APIs and critical assets from attack while delivering secure apps and applications faster. That is, complete API security.

With Noname, you have industry-leading flexibility. You can deploy Noname in any environment, with any hosting model, and connect with any mission-critical system in your current infrastructure. And you can do it all while maintaining full compliance with regulatory requirements and internal policies.

Not yet a customer? Schedule some time with our team to learn more about proactive API security, and how secure APIs will drive your business.