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Runtime Protection

Prevent attacks in real-time

Use automated AI and ML-based detection to identify API vulnerabilities, including data leakage, data tampering, data policy violations, suspicious behavior, and API security attacks.


Detect and block API attacks

Noname Security Runtime Protection provides real-time visibility into how your APIs behave, if they’re exposing sensitive data or are vulnerable to attack.

Proactive Remediation of API Misconfigurations-1

Detect API Threats

Conduct real time traffic analysis with automated AI and machine learning detection. Use contextual insights for remediation.


Automate Remediation

Pursue manual or semi-automated remediation for various alert types. When issues become known to recur, leverage full automation.

Single Source of Truth-1

Integrate with Existing Tools

Webhook into your WAFs to create new policies. Leverage workflows like JIRA, ServiceNow, Slack and SIEMs for alerts and ticketing.

Aflac Case Study

After evaluating the Noname API Security Platform, Aflac decided it was the most comprehensive solution to protect their APIs - many of which reside in their AWS environment.

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Real-time Traffic Analysis

Behavioral-based anomaly detection allows you to conduct real time traffic analysis. Leverage contextual insights into data leakage, data tampering, data policy violations, suspicious behavior, and API security attacks.


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Workflow Integrations

Remediation is integrated with your existing IT workflow management system like Jira, ServiceNow, or Slack. This means issues can automatically be assigned to the appropriate teams as they are identified.



Workflow Integrations


Out of Band Monitoring

Noname’s innovative approach to API security runs completely out of band so there are no network changes required and no cumbersome agents needed. We simply mirror traffic from a number of determined data sources and use that data to perform passive network traffic analysis.

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