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Introduction to Shift Left API Security Testing

With the number of APIs skyrocketing, companies are facing increasing challenges when it comes to security. Oftentimes, either there aren’t enough security personnel who know how to test APIs, the number of APIs are growing faster than the security team can keep up with, or the existing security tools lack adequate coverage. Any one of these three scenarios can spell disaster for your environment. However, there is one overlooked aspect that could also weaken your API security posture if not addressed and that’s testing APIs early in the development process.

When it comes to API development, it’s not just a matter of testing but also when you test your APIs. The traditional model places testing closer to the deployment phase. And though this is definitely a vital step, testing only during this time is insufficient and can lead to serious vulnerabilities. How exactly? By consolidating testing into one phase of the software development lifecycle (SDLC), you create a bottleneck in the process as there is a never ending supply of code to test.

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