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Shrink your API attack surface

Eliminate blindspots in your API attack surface. Discover the attack paths hackers can exploit without any integrations, installations, or implementations. Minimize risks and eliminate weaknesses before they are exploited.

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Stay ahead of attackers

Noname Security Recon monitors your environment for changes in APIs, domains, and developer activity to build a complete and current inventory of publicly accessible assets.

Discover critical vulnerabilities

Find Public Vulnerabilities

Rapidly find and fix critical issues like API key and credential leakages, code exposure, misconfigurations, GitHub repo vulnerabilities and more.

Threat remediation

Fix Issues Quickly

Resolve high-severity issues in hours, instead of weeks or months. Take action immediately with integrations, and custom workflows.

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Prevent Breaches

Avoid expensive regulatory fines and reputational damage from security incidents. Confidently complete your next audit with no surprises

Automatic Scans

Automatically scan your external attack surface at regular intervals to find vulnerabilities before the attackers do. Locate “shadow domains” and sub-domains that were previously unknown, unmanaged, or forgotten. Secure your customer data, PII, internal documentation, intellectual property, and more with automated protection against evolving threats. 

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Custom Policies & Workflows

Categorize vulnerabilities by severity to align with your organization’s risk tolerance, compliance standards and desired security posture. Automate policy enforcement to quickly remediate issues and avoid expensive regulatory fines or reputational damage.


Full Lifecycle Visibility

View issues in context of other vulnerabilities discovered in our Posture Management or Runtime Protection modules. Get guidance on the potential impact of the issue, which issues to remediate first, as well as the recommended remediation tactics for known issues. 

Full Lifecycle Visibility (1)-1

API Monitoring

API inventory is more than just the number. Gain visibility into which gateway the API passes through, when the API was last updated, the data type being accessed, and the number of users accessing the API.

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