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Level UPP with the Noname Security API Partner Program

Noname Security's Unnamed Partner Program (UPP) is the best way to help your clients overcome any API security challenge — from misconfigurations to cyber attacks. Join our growing ecosystem of technology partners, integrators, service providers, channel partners, and resellers.

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The Unnamed Partner Program

“The Noname API Security Platform provides discovery and deep insights into all the APIs across the organization — rogue as well as those routing through the API gateways.”

Director, Strategic Alliances & Partnerships at Opus Consulting

Soumya Johar

"Businesses rely on APIs now more than ever before. Noname has helped us to provide deep visibility and understanding of our clients API security lifecycle without having to change infrastructure or API gateways. This has led to faster delivery of better, more governed APIs that address modern security needs."

CEO at MS³

Aaron Weikle

"Today, the growing use of APIs demands a complete API security platform like Noname to protect against attacks, misconfigurations, and other vulnerabilities. The holistic nature of Noname allows data collection to be agnostic and seamless while providing a single pane of glass. Noname also has powerful integrations allowing companies to utilize invested toolset platforms such as ITSM and SIEM."

Principal at Enclave Data

Gregg Sexton

“The Noname API Security Platform addresses the growing complexity and security concerns of API deployments. Their methodology eliminates API security threats and accelerates API velocity without introducing more complexity or risk.”

CEO at DGDean

David Dean

Join Noname Security's Unnamed Partner Program (UPP)

Our intent is to recognize, drive and support our partner relationships. We have designed the Unnamed Partner Program to reward partners for their commitment and investment in Noname Security without the burden of heavy API partner program requirements. Noname Security is investing in strategic areas that will allow partners to expand relevance with their customers. We bring resources, knowledge, transparency, and loyalty to drive mutual success.

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