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Noname Security Platform Updates: 3.26 Release

Stas Neyman
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The Noname Security 3.26 release supports integration with Fastly content delivery network, connection rules for Noname cloud connectors, a new capability to optimize APIs for more effective testing, and more.

Integration with Fastly

The Noname Security platform now supports integration with the Fastly content delivery network (Deliver) and the edge computing platform (Compute) to expand our coverage further. Fastly is renowned for its powerful edge cloud platform, which optimizes data and application delivery. With this integration, you can now send traffic from Fastly to the Noname Security platform for inspection to enhance your API discovery and security initiatives.

To learn more about this feature, please visit the Integrations documentation.

Connection Rules for Cloud Connector

With this release, you can now define connection rules for AWS and Azure cloud connectors directly in the Noname platform user interface. Connection rules allow you to specify which resources Noname monitors by resource types, tags, or accounts. For example, you can create a rule to inspect traffic from AWS Lambda functions in your AWS account associated with the production environment. With this rule in place, Noname Security will only monitor traffic from your existing and newly created Lambda functions without relying on cloud engineers to adjust connector deployments.

To learn more about this feature, please visit the Connection Rules documentation.

Active Testing

Optimize APIs with Coverage Center

Active Testing can uncover vulnerabilities and design flaws in your APIs by contextualizing the underlying API business logic for in-depth testing. However, testing environment misconfigurations can impact the consumption of business logic by Active Testing and limit the scope of tests that can be performed. Coverage Center is a new capability in Active Testing that provides actionable guidance on fixing your environment and API testing configurations to ensure that each API can be successfully executed and, therefore, comprehensively tested.

For example, your Coverage Center recommendations may include steps to configure proper authentications or fix API dependencies. As you address business logic issues with your environment, you increase the number of APIs optimized for testing, resulting in greater testing coverage.

To learn more about this feature, please visit the Coverage Center documentation.

Management API Enhancements

The Noname Management API allows you to programmatically perform tasks accessible in the Noname Security platform User Interface. With this release, we have expanded the range of Active Testing functionalities accessible through the Noname Management API. Now, nearly every functionality found in the Active Testing UI is accessible through this API, allowing you to save time on routine tasks and streamline your API testing processes.

To learn more about this feature, please visit the Management API documentation

For additional information about the Noname Security 3.26 release, please review the release notes.

Stas Neyman

Stas Neyman is the Senior Director of Product Marketing at Noname Security.

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