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Noname Security Platform Updates: 3.25 Release

Stas Neyman
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The Noname Security 3.25 release supports customizable API risk scoring and dashboard views, in-product notifications for traffic source version updates, enhanced traffic source integrations, and more.

Customizable API Risk Scoring (Private Preview)

With this release, you can tailor the calculation of API risk scores to align with your organization’s security needs and priorities. API risk scoring is a new feature in the Noname Security platform that allows you to assess the risk of individual API Endpoints in your API inventory. An API’s risk score is calculated by combining the risk assessments of multiple parameters, such as the sensitivity of data accessed by an API, the number of API requests, whether the API is internal or internet-facing, and more. API risk scores can help you understand the probability and impact of a potential API Endpoint exploit and proactively implement compensating controls.

By default, Noname Security provides weights and scores for the parameters based on best practices. However, with this release, you can easily customize and adjust both the weights and the scores to better reflect the nuances of your application environment and risk tolerance. For example, you can now increase the weight for specific parameters that are more important for your organization or affect specific APIs. You can then focus your efforts and resources more effectively on protecting the most critical and vulnerable aspects of your digital environment.

Customization for risk calculation

API Risk Scoring is currently in Private Preview. Please contact your Noname Security account representative to learn about joining the Private Preview program.

Traffic Audit (Public Preview)

Traffic Audit, a new capability of the Noname Security platform that allows you to record, visualize, and analyze API traffic in your environment is now in Public Preview. Once enabled, Traffic Audit records API data flows matching specific criteria across your application environments, including typical and anomalous API activity. This makes it easier for you to discover and manage the risk exposure of suspicious users and unusual API behaviors. Each Traffic Audit can be custom-tailored to your particular use case, allowing you to capture and retain traffic according to pre-determined filters and rules.

For example, you can create a Traffic Audit for all APIs captured by the Noname Security platform that contain personally identifiable information and originate outside your corporate IP range. The resulting information can be used to perform forensic analysis for specific attacks, investigate suspicious user behavior, or troubleshoot your API configurations.

Sample Traffic Audit result

In addition, Traffic Audit includes granular search and filtering capabilities. This allows you to hone in on particular data flows, assess specific API behavior, and create incidents based on traffic patterns. For instance, after addressing a known API vulnerability, you can perform a highly targeted Traffic Audit to validate the resolution or identify additional APIs that need your attention.

The Traffic Audit feature is currently in Public Preview. Please contact your Noname Security account representative to learn more about enabling Traffic Audit capability in your environment.

Version Update Notification for Traffic Source Integrations

Noname Security platform supports over 75 integrations with traffic sources. With this release, you can now see the versions for each deployed integrations, including plugins, sensors, and cloud connectors, directly on the traffic source page. In addition, you will now see an indicator when integration updates are available. This allows you to easily identify out-of-date traffic source integrations and effortlessly update them by clicking the notification icon.

Staying up-to-date with the latest integration plugs ensures optimal platform performance and compatibility with evolving traffic source technologies.

Customized views for APIs, security findings, and incidents

With this release, you can now define custom views for your APIs, security findings, and runtime incidents pages. For example, you can create a view to sort all findings by severity and type or sort all issues by most recent. This significantly enhances incident management by allowing security teams to set default or favorite views for immediate reference. The result is a more organized and effective approach to security monitoring, ensuring faster response times and a stronger overall security posture.

To learn more about creating custom views, please see here.

Enhanced integration with Azure Front Door and Azure App Service

The Noname Security platform now supports all Azure Front Door tiers and includes enhanced integration with Azure App Service. Azure Front Door is a modern cloud content delivery network service for your applications. With this release, you can leverage the Noname Security platform to analyze API traffic for standard and premium-tier deployments. In addition, the enhanced integration with Azure App Service, a fully managed platform as a service (PaaS) for hosting web applications, allows you to perform a comprehensive inspection of API requests in addition to the previously supported access log analysis.

To learn more about Azure Front Door and Azure App Service integrations, please visit Azure connector documentation here.

For additional information about the Noname Security 3.25 release, please review the release notes.

Stas Neyman

Stas Neyman is the Senior Director of Product Marketing at Noname Security.

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