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Noname is now Akamai API Security. Learn about the new capabilities now available, and what it means for your defense.
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Noname Security Launches API Security Platform to Help Organizations Increase Cyber Resilience

Harold Bell
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Why Enterprises Need API Security

Enterprises face a challenging environment: economic headwinds, efficiency, and cybersecurity resilience dominate board meeting discussions amid rapid changes in technology. APIs especially have gone from playing a minor role in digital operations to being a company’s most important, mission-critical connections.

In today’s digital age, APIs have become an essential component of many organizations’ business strategies. APIs provide a way to access and share data, streamline processes, and enable innovation. However, with the increased use of APIs comes the heightened risk of cyberattacks, making API security a top priority for businesses.

Helping Organizations Become More Resilient

To address this challenge, Noname Security has launched its advanced API security platform that aims to help organizations increase their cyber resilience. The Noname API Security Platform is designed to be the most complete and proactive solution in the market, providing organizations with the confidence they need to protect their APIs and mitigate the risk of cyberattacks.

The Noname API Security Platform offers a comprehensive approach to API security, providing end-to-end protection against both known and unknown threats. The platform employs advanced technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning to identify and prevent attacks before they can cause damage. Noname Security’s platform continuously monitors API traffic, detects anomalies, and takes action to prevent attacks in real-time.

Noname Security’s API Security Platform is designed to be both complete and proactive, providing organizations with the tools they need to secure their APIs and protect their business from cyber threats. With Noname Security, organizations can rest assured that their APIs are protected, and their business is secure.

APIs drive business, and Noname Security’s API Security Platform is the most advanced solution available to protect them. With Noname Security, organizations can focus on their core business, knowing that their APIs are secure and that their cyber resilience has been increased. 

The world’s largest financial institutions, retailers, pharmaceutical manufacturers, and telecommunications providers trust the Noname API Security Platform to secure their most important assets, and deliver secure applications faster.

The Latest Innovations for the Best Protection

Noname’s latest major release delivers new capabilities across the entire platform – including discovery, posture management, runtime protection, pre-production testing, and deployment.

More specifically, we made improvements to:

Discovery and Posture Management

  • Gain complete visibility and detailed insights to protect APIs with customizable discovery, flexible tagging, and datatype assignments – including PII, PCI, PHI, and custom categories – for grouping APIs by application, business unit, and more.
  • Understand APIs in rich context with visualizations of business logic, physical network infrastructure, and API traffic to understand specific interactions and behavior patterns.
  • Secure containerized applications with enhanced discovery and detection for Kubernetes (k8s).
  • Prioritize resources and eliminate blind spots with extensive infrastructure inventories for AWS and Azure, enabling organizations to find unprotected APIs, map the connections between APIs and infrastructure resources, pinpoint resources that could increase the attack surface, and resolve potential issues with full context.

Runtime Protection 

  • Identify business-logic-based attacks immediately with updates to the industry’s most advanced anomaly detection engine using artificial intelligence & machine learning (AI/ML), including unsupervised online learning.
  • Reduce Mean-Time-To-Resolution (MTTR) with more context on issue records, including detailed remediation guidance and tools for deeper investigation.
  • Fully align with security operations center (SOC) processes with automation, custom workflows, and integrations with existing systems such as ITSM, SIEM, SOAR, and more.

Active Testing

  • Shift left with integrations into the entire software development lifecycle (SDLC). Teams get dynamic API visibility across multiple states and environments throughout the CI/CD process.
  • Leave no API untested with a unique ability to find and test every API based on an understanding of the application’s business logic.
  • Empower developers with best-in-class usability such as simple setup & automation, in-line test results, and contextual guidance for request failure mitigation.

Continuously Adapt to Changing Environments

Noname Security offers the most flexible and comprehensive set of deployment and integration options available. New capabilities enable customers to: 

  • Rapidly realize value with simplified step-by-step onboarding and in-app guidance.
  • Meet any deployment requirement with both agentless and agent-based options, including eBPF, and both out-of-band and inline protection options.
  • Easily manage complex deployments with automatic updates across cloud-hosted, self-hosted, hybrid, and distributed deployments.
  • Maintain data residency and reduce overhead with remote engines to aggregate traffic into a centralized console, allowing you to keep data within your control and reducing traffic.
  • Meet strict public-sector compliance requirements with a new hardened virtual appliance.
  • See the entire attack surface with additional integrations and improvements to Akamai, AWS ECS, Cloudflare, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, Citrix, and other connectors.

We made these enhancements to ensure our platform remains the most advanced API security solution on the market, catering to complex deployment and regulatory requirements, and providing support for the broadest set of ecosystem integrations ensuring compatibility with your current and future environments.

Harold Bell

Harold Bell was the Director of Content Marketing at Noname Security. He has over a decade of experience in the IT industry with leading organizations such as Cisco, Nutanix, and Rubrik, and has been featured as an executive ghostwriter in Forbes Technology Council and Hacker News.

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