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Noname Security Announces IBM Partnership

David Thomason
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As the worldwide Director of Alliances at Noname Security, it is my distinct pleasure to announce that we have entered into an OEM agreement with IBM, the world-leader in integrating technology and business expertise for their customers. Under this agreement, IBM will market and sell the Noname Advanced API Security platform as an IBM product, providing IBM customers with even more advanced and reliable solutions. By collaborating with IBM, Noname will be able to meet the evolving needs of IBM customers.

This agreement is a testament to our commitment to providing the highest quality products and services to our customers. Early on, IBM recognized Noname as the leader in the API security market and chose Noname above the competition to be their partner. At the same time, we at Noname recognize the importance of innovation in today’s rapidly changing tech landscape, and we believe that partnering with IBM is the perfect way to stay ahead of the curve.

Working with the Automation and Integration Division at IBM, Noname has integrated their API security solution with IBM’s DataPower and API Connect products. These integrations will serve IBM customers in a variety of ways, including the discovery of unmanaged APIs, identifying configuration issues like APIs missing required authentication, and blocking attacks on APIs, just to name a few.

Working with IBM, Noname plans to develop even more  innovative products that meet the needs of customers in a more efficient and effective way. This will not only enhance our product offerings but will also help us better serve Noname and IBM customers and strengthen our respective leadership positions in the marketplace.

We are thrilled to be partnering with IBM and look forward to a long and successful relationship. Our joint efforts will undoubtedly lead to exciting new products and opportunities for our customers.

We believe that this partnership will not only benefit our respective companies but will also benefit the broader tech industry. APIs are the central nervous system of all modern applications. By working with IBM, Noname will strengthen the security of every sort of application including mobile, IoT, critical infrastructure, and even other security apps.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our customers for their continued support and loyalty. We are excited to share this news with you and look forward to bringing you even more advanced and innovative products in the future.

In conclusion, we are excited to announce our OEM agreement with IBM and look forward to the many opportunities it will bring. With this partnership, we are confident that we will be able to provide our customers with even more advanced and reliable solutions that meet their evolving needs. We look forward to a long and successful relationship with IBM, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds.

David Thomason

David Thomason started his career in computer security working in the United States Air Force, serving the Air Intelligence Agency and the Air Force Computer Emergency Response Team (AFCERT). As a serial start-up junkie, David has worked with 6 start-ups since the late 1990s. In 2018, David joined NSS Labs where he held a number of roles including principal researcher/architect. In November of 2020, David joined Noname Security as employee #3 in the US and leads the worldwide team of Solution Architects.

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