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Hand Meets Glove. Noname Security Partners with Software AG.

David Thomason
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Some technology historians trace the origins of web-based APIs to the introduction of in early 2000. Since then, web-based APIs have exploded with the adoption  of cloud-based infrastructure platforms that would host applications (i.e., Amazon Web Services, Azure, GCP) and AppDev tools (e.g., Jenkins) to drive rapid development of web applications. API Gateways and Management platforms were introduced to accelerate and drive effective management of APIs so organizations could continue to innovate even more rapidly. API management platforms are effective in helping organizations control the APIs routed through them but cannot provide discovery, analysis, or help drive remediation of security issues.

To help drive the outcome of secure digital transformation via APIs, Noname Security has become a technology partner of Software AG. The goal of the technology partnership is to enable organizations to secure (glove) and manage (hand) their APIs in a manner that increases revenue and reduces operational costs and risks.

The hand-in-glove relationship between Software AG and Noname Security enables organizations to overcome the challenges of digital transformation, particularly as it applies to APIs. The Noname API Security Platform discovers all active APIs regardless of the source and destination and analyzes them for security or configuration issues. Discovery and analysis help drive remediation of vulnerable APIs in production and reduces risk of data exposure, fraud, and abuse. It also helps drive more efficient API management by registering them with the API management platform.

For AppSec, Noname Security establishes critical runtime defenses for immediate protection using a combination of AI/ML algorithms and API security policies. Through integrations with CI/CD pipelines, Noname Security also enables continuous testing of APIs to identify security risks before they are deployed in production. This enables development to identify security risks earlier in the development pipeline where they can be more cost-effectively addressed.

For organizations using the Software AG API Management platform, the Noname API Security Platform is a natural ‘glove’ to put on the ‘hand’ that manages their APIs today. Noname Security helps App developers to maintain their velocity of development without burdening their InfoSec counterparts with API risks. This provides optimum security to the AppDev team without slowing development efforts or requiring security expertise. To learn more about how Noname Security can help your organization put a secure glove on the Software AG API management hand, contact us.

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David Thomason

David Thomason started his career in computer security working in the United States Air Force, serving the Air Intelligence Agency and the Air Force Computer Emergency Response Team (AFCERT). As a serial start-up junkie, David has worked with 6 start-ups since the late 1990s. In 2018, David joined NSS Labs where he held a number of roles including principal researcher/architect. In November of 2020, David joined Noname Security as employee #3 in the US and leads the worldwide team of Solution Architects.

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