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A Note from CISO Karl Mattson: Why I Joined Noname Security

Karl Mattson
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I’ve had the privilege of working with forward-leaning CIOs and digital teams for the past several years in financial services. Strategies for APIs, cloud-native applications, and digital transformation require the equivalent modernization in cyber security programs to keep in step. APIs have been a centerpiece of these digital efforts. Yet, strategies to secure APIs lagged behind the business and IT teams accelerating forward. 

In 2020 that changed. I had the opportunity to meet the Noname Security team early in its platform design. I immediately recognized they were on the verge of solving several challenges in securing APIs — rogue and legacy API discovery, design and configuration checks, and runtime anomaly detection. Importantly, Noname’s design overcame operational support and architectural gaps with an entirely new approach. Each iteration of the Noname platform over-delivered with active testing and new deployment models taking yet another leap in sophistication. 

As a CISO, joining Noname Security at an early stage in its journey is a unique privilege and opportunity. The company is growing quickly. The platform is setting a new standard in API security and raising it each day. However, the Noname story is only at its beginning. In joining Noname, my first priority is to ensure Noname sets the standard for operational and security excellence. Next, to shape and advocate for platform evolution always with the voice and sensibility of our customers in front. And finally, to shape future platform and API security strategies to stay ahead of the threat environment. At each step of this journey, our success will be closely tied to our ability to attract and retain a diverse and talented team. 

I’m excited to start this next chapter in my career and I couldn’t be more proud to play a part in Noname Security’s story.

Karl Mattson

Karl is a cybersecurity leader and innovator who serves as the CISO for Noname Security. He has over 25 years experience leading innovative and diverse teams of technology and security professionals in financial services, retail and federal government. Previously, Karl served as the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) for PennyMac Financial Services and City National Bank. He has a track record of providing CEOs, CTO and investors in cybersecurity on strategies for product, market and customer success.

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