Research Report

API Security Trends:

Retail/eCommerce Sector


Noname Security collaborated with Opinion Matters to conduct research on API Security Trends in 2022. In this survey, 600 senior cybersecurity professionals were surveyed to better understand the challenges and trends facing UK and USA businesses when it comes to their API security posture. 

API security is challenging for retailers and eCommerce sites because they need to open their business to the world and integrate with third parties. With growing volumes of API traffic, many security tools lack context and find it hard to differentiate between what is good and what is malicious. 


What did our retail respondents say?

checkmark77% of respondents have experienced an API security incident in the last year

checkmarkDormant or Zombie APIs are the leading method of attack

checkmark67%  have a lack of visibility of their API inventory

checkmarkOnly 7%  are testing APIs in real-time (lower than the overall average)


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