Shift Left API Security Testing for Government

Shift Left API Security Testing for Government Agencies

With the number of APIs skyrocketing, government agencies are facing increasing challenges when it comes to security.  Agencies need new ways to identify and remediate vulnerabilities before they’re discovered by malicious actors. One of the most notable best practices involves Shift Left API security testing.

Why Shift Left API Security Testing?

Shift Left security testing moves testing earlier in the API development process so you can find and fix issues earlier. Now you can minimize the potential for data leaks and manipulation of government APIs without any modifications to production infrastructure. 

With Shift Left security testing, you can:

  • Lower remediation costs by up to 100x
  • Improve security while increasing velocity
  • Eliminate DevOps testing bottlenecks
  • Shrink the API attack surface
  • Continuously deliver secure code

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