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Protect consumers from cybercrime

Thanks to APIs, merchants can provide offerings on digital platforms and enhance traditional brick and mortar engagements. However, considering the rapid growth, retailers are losing visibility into how many APIs they have. This places consumers at risk. Noname Security helps retailers discover and secure their entire API estate.


Retailers are ripe targets for hackers

APIs enable retailers to generate new revenue streams, optimize existing processes, and strengthen relationships with customers. But this seamless connection between big box retailers, sole suppliers, payment platforms, and the consumers themselves is fragile. This reality leaves merchants vulnerable without the proper API security controls in place. According to the IBM Security Report, the average cost of a breach in the Retail sector reached $3.27M in 2021.


Unsure of API inventory

Considering how quickly retailers are spinning up APIs, many are losing track of how many they have.

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Unknown risk exposure

With lack of visibility into their API inventory, it becomes impossible to identify and address vulnerabilities.

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Lack of governance

Merchants are managing disparate platforms that are reliant on APIs without centralized governance.

Fortune 100 Retailer turns to Noname Security

Discover how the Noname API Security platform was able to inventory this customer's API estate and provide behavioral analysis, real-time attack detection, and vulnerability management.

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Noname Security protects consumer data

APIs have revolutionized the shopping experience – both for merchants and consumers. Retailers can now create personalized experiences by integrating location, inventory, and payment data, all by leveraging APIs. To keep this experience secure from hackers, Noname Security helps provides full visibility into your API inventory and helps remediate malicious threats to your environment.

Catalogue your APIs 

Find and catalog all types of APIs in your environment, including HTTP, RESTful, GraphQL, SOAP, XML-RPC, JSON-RPC, and gRPC. Gain complete visibility into every source across on-prem and cloud with Noname Security Posture Management.

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Block malicious attacks

Leverage our AI and machine learning detection to analyze API traffic in real time. Noname Security Runtime Protection delivers insights into API security attacks, suspicious behavior, data tampering, data leakage, and data policy violations.

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Test for misconfigurations

Run over 100 dynamic tests that simulate malicious traffic, including the OWASP API Top 10. With Noname Active Testing, you can run tests on-demand, or as part of a CI/CD workflow, to ensure code quality. Ensure vulnerabilities are addressed throughout the development lifecycle.

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API Security Trends in 2022: Retail

APIs have empowered retailers to offer new digital experiences. However, they also greatly expand the attack surface. This research uncovers some pretty alarming statistics into prevalence of API security incidents and their impact on the e-commerce industry.

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