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Active Testing

As part of the Noname API Security Platform, Active Testing allows organizations to Shift Left with API security testing to stop vulnerabilities before they reach production and innovate faster without compromising security.


Shift Left with API Security Testing

Prevent attacks and reduce vulnerabilities with every release.

Stop Vulnerabilities Before Production
  • Reduce the risk of successful attacks in production, such as data leaks, manipulations, and more without any modifications to production infrastructure.
  • Remediate faster and lower remediation costs by 10x to 100x by finding and fixing issues earlier.
  • Improve compliance and avoid regulatory fines and reputational damage from incidents.





Innovate Faster

Improve security without sacrificing velocity.

  • Eliminate bottlenecks while improving security without any extra manual steps.
  • Increase the organization’s confidence in APIs with continuous testing.
  • Reduce redundant pentesting and other third-party security testing costs.
  • Deliver secure code without having to become a security expert.

“We realized that if we could catch a vulnerability early, we could prevent an attack. Noname’s Active Testing lets us do just that.”

Why Shift Left?

Industry leaders embrace “shift left” security approaches to get ahead of potential issues and deliver better, more secure products.


Fewer bottlenecks in development


Reduced risk of successful attacks in production


Lower remediation costs and pentesting costs


Higher confidence in APIs


Improved compliance


Faster revenue growth

The Most Advanced
API Security Testing Solution

Active Testing is used by the world’s largest organizations to “Shift Left” and secure their mission-critical APIs. As a purpose-built API security testing solution that understands each organization’s unique business logic, it provides comprehensive coverage of API-specific vulnerabilities. Most importantly, it’s non-disruptive: adding API security testing into existing pipelines without any extra steps for developers.


Purpose-Built: Created to specifically address the challenges of API security.

Rapid Value: Fast time-to-value (TTV) and faster implementation than runtime protection in production.

Intelligent Analysis: Use real business logic to run tests and simulations, not fuzzing.

Automatic Testing: Scheduling tests to run automatically at desired intervals.


Total Coverage: Automatically run 100+ dynamic tests that simulate malicious traffic, including against the OWASP API Top 10.

Spec Comparisons: Compare Swagger files to assess conformance, based on real implementation results.

Flexible Deployment Options: Test in development and staging environments.

Data Sources: Import APIs from a wide range of sources with dynamic updates.


Test Suites: Easily create test suites to align with business objectives, team structures, and more.

Customization: Adjust test behavior and test severity to the needs of the organization.

Access Controls: Streamline testing with role-based access controls, so only the right teams can access APIs for testing.

Grouping: Group APIs automatically or manually based on application, business unit, functional capabilities, or any other characteristic.

Fully Integrated

Active Testing fully integrates with your existing continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipelines and tools, such as Jenkins and Postman, as well as all your ticketing and workflow tools such as ServiceNow, Slack, and Jira.