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Going beyond API runtime protection

Property 1=Noname vs Runtime Protection-only Solutions

Runtime protection solutions provide an invaluable service, enabling you to identify suspicious API traffic and block API attacks in-real time. Without the real-time AI and ML-based monitoring runtime protection provides, it would be impossible for your security teams to manually identify malicious behavior in your environment. However, comprehensive API security entails much more. Considering the prevalence of rogue and zombie APIs, you need capabilities to discover your entire API estate. Secondly, you also need the ability to test your APIs for vulnerabilities – both pre and post production. 

Noname vs Runtime Protection-only Solutions

Noname Security competitors and 3rd party tools that fall in this category include: Cequence, Palo Alto Networks Prisma Cloud, Ping Intelligence, Imperva, Aiculus, Spherical Defense, Resurface Labs, APImetrics.

API Security Requirement
Runtime Protection Solutions
Noname Security
Full Observability
Accurate Inventory
Security Posture Management Analysis
API Specific Runtime Security Controls
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API Security Testing
Full Observability:

Though runtime protection solutions are a vital pillar of your API security strategy, runtime-only tools don't provide full observability into your API estate. Runtime protection solutions can provide things like API traffic analysis and insights into looming threats, but that’s only for the APIs on your radar. Without the proper discovery tools that uncover the real amount of APIs you have in the wild, runtime protection solutions can be limited in the value they deliver. Noname’s platform provides the one-two punch you need to gauge the health of your environment in production. Our remote engines give you full visibility into environments across the globe, while ensuring compliance with local regulations and policies.

Accurate Inventory:

As discussed above, lack of observability stems from the inability of runtime protection solutions to provide a complete snapshot of your APIs in production. Without a true picture of your API estate, the impact of runtime protection solutions is limited. Not only can Noname Security reveal how many APIs you have, we can also reveal which APIs are transmitting sensitive information and how many users have access.

Security Posture Management Analysis:

Despite the fact that runtime protection solutions can thwart API attacks in real-time, they don’t uncover vulnerabilities in your environment. Conversely, Noname Posture Management discovers all of the APIs in your API estate and identifies potential vulnerabilities. You can then leverage your existing workflows like JIRA, ServiceNow, and Slack to alert IT personnel for remediation.

API Specific Runtime Security Controls:

Unsurprisingly, when it comes to identifying and remediating real-time attacks, API runtime protection tools can provide the protection you need. They can establish a baseline of the normal API traffic which will enable them to detect anomalous behavior and remediate potential threats. However, as identified above, without a credible view into your API estate, it becomes impossible to leverage the runtime protection to its fullest potential. Furthermore, by testing issues specific to API security in development, you can eliminate vulnerabilities before they ever reach production.

API Security Testing:

Runtime protection tools are very useful in a production environment but can’t help you in pre-production. That means, without an adequate testing solution, your teams are potentially introducing flawed code that will leave you vulnerable. This increases the probability that your runtime protection solution will be put to use as attackers will likely take advantage of misconfigured APIs. Misconfigured APIs that would have been tested before production with the Noname platform. Noname Active Testing empowers organizations to stop vulnerabilities before production and innovate faster.