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Why I joined Noname Security. The first API Security Unicorn.

Filip Verloy
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Some things are just too good to pass up! Joining Noname Security, the industry-leading API Security Platform is one of them. I am super excited to announce that I will be joining Noname Security in February as a Technical Evangelist EMEA.

What initially drew me to my previous start-up Rubrik, was its focus on an API-first architecture that brought much needed disruption to the data management industry. What drew me to Noname Security is the ubiquity of API based integrations at enterprise customers and the very real need to secure these across their entire lifecycle.  

In 2021 we saw an enormous increase in security incidents, which made headlines around the world, as enterprises are more dependent on APIs than ever before and are just now coming to the realization that securing these will help protect their most precious assets. APIs are no longer predicted to be THE top attack vector they are the top attack vector, causing data breaches for enterprise web applications.

The full scope of the Noname Security platform from API Security Posture Management, across API Runtime Security, to integration into CI/CD pipelines is something I very much look forward to bringing to market. I’m passionate about incorporating the voice of the customer and our partners as we continue to create the most comprehensive API Security Platform.

Having been approached by a number of startups recently, what led me to choose to join Noname Security was the team, the technology, the customer-first mentality and company vision, which stood out as the absolute surest bet. I look forward to working with the team to continue the company’s momentum as THE first API Security unicorn and one of the fastest growing security start-ups ever! It truly is a rocket ship.

Filip Verloy

Filip Verloy serves as the Field CTO for the EMEA region at Noname Security. In his role, Filip engages and advises customers, partners and the security industry at large, sharing his experience, insights, and strategies on API security. Prior to joining Noname Security, Verloy was the Field CTO for EMEA at Rubrik, a data security start-up. He has also previously served at various IT vendors including Citrix, Dell, Riverbed, and VMware

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