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Noname Security Platform Updates: 3.32 Release

Stas Neyman
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The latest Noname Security 3.32 update includes major enhancements to the getting started experience, in-app guides and tutorials, and a new way to view historical information about attackers.

Core Platform Updates

Enhanced Getting Started Experience

This release introduces an updated Getting Started experience designed to simplify the onboarding process and guide you through setting up essential elements of the Noname platform. The revised quick-start page presents a series of steps to configure user access and permissions, initiate traffic analysis for API discovery, and optimize your Noname environment. For instance, you can use the Getting Started guide to connect with your single sign-on (SSO) provider, configure remote engines for traffic analysis, and enable security controls. Additionally, each task provides links to relevant guides and documentation, accelerating your understanding and familiarity with the platform.

The Quick Start page is available to all users and can be accessed by clicking on the graduate cap icon in the top navigation bar.

In-app Learning Guides and Tutorials 

The Noname platform now provides interactive tutorials and guides to help you learn about core platform capabilities directly within the user interface. These in-app learning guides offer concise explanations of security concepts, helping you understand the significance of the information displayed on each page. They also detail how to interact with the product and provide links to relevant documentation. In addition, the guides include brief videos demonstrating how to use specific product features. For instance, they can help you quickly understand the distinction between a “finding” and an “incident,” show you how to filter APIs on your inventory page, and explain how to interpret the information collected about attackers.

The in-app guides are automatically displayed the first three times you visit a page. After that, you can access them by clicking the question mark icon at the top of the page.

Attacker Timeline

The Attacker Timeline is a new feature in the Noname platform that offers a comprehensive view of all events related to an attacker. This timeline presents a chronological record of changes in attacker status, triggered policies, workflows, and applicable integrations. For instance, you can observe that the Noname platform automatically blocked an attacker for a certain duration or that an administrator lifted the block and adjusted the status to “monitored” after an investigation. Furthermore, the timeline enables you to add comments, facilitating the sharing of insights about the attacker or the progress of the investigation.

To learn more about the Attacker Timeline, please see documentation.

Please review the release notes for additional information about the Noname Security 3.32 version.

Stas Neyman

Stas Neyman is the Senior Director of Product Marketing at Noname Security.

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